On your Samsung Galaxy, different icons can be displayed in the status bar, which can be assigned to a corresponding function or notification.

If you now switch to a new Samsung Galaxy or if a firmware update is rolled out for it, you may see a new icon in the status bar that you have not seen before.

This icon consists of a triangle with arrows in the middle and it looks like the familiar recycling icon.

But what does this symbol mean on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone? We would like to explain that to you here.

Meaning of the triangle icon incl. arrows in the notification bar

Symbol with vertical arrows

If you see this icon, it means that the data saving mode is activated.

The background of this function is that it should help you to save traffic in the mobile data network. If the function is activated, then the triangle icon appears in the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. And this is how you can disable "data saving" in Android again:

1. Opens the app menu and then the settings

2. Tap on "Connections" and then on "Data usage

3. Here you will find "data saving" - select the entry and then deactivate the option using the master slider.

Immediately, the triangle icon in a circle will disappear from the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S9.

You now know what the triangle icon with the arrows in it means and how to disable it again on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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